What’s your story?

The Challenge

“I’ve got a really great idea, I can visualize the app (or website) in my mind, I just don’t know how to get it made.”

That’s why ProductDone started!

In the tech world people have the skills and know-how to easily throw up prototypes in a weekend or an MVP in a few weeks and rapidly test out their startup idea.

What about non-technical folks?

Non-technical entrepreneurs have what it takes to come up with a great idea and turn it into a profitable business. In fact, they’re often better suited for success because they come from industries where they’re intimately aware of inefficiencies or opportunities that software could solve.

But how does a non-technical person turn that great idea into reality?

Traditional development shops take months (or even years) to design and build web applications or mobile apps (usually charging $80k–$250k).

What if we could take your great idea and combine it with a startup-style “hackathon” execution (without quite as much Red Bull and all-nighters)?

With a wealth of experience shipping traditional-style development projects, we decided to take on the challenge and went back to our drawing board.

We spent months re-engineering our entire design and development process to rapidly reduce the time and costs to deliver the first version of a mobile app or web application.

The result of this is ProductDone – from Idea to App in as little as 12 Weeks!

productdone hq

Meet the Team

Our headquarters is found in Auckland, New Zealand but we don’t restrict our recruitment to a small geographic region, which means our team members are the most qualified people, whether you meet them in our office, or they’re working remotely throughout the country (including cities like Nelson and Christchurch).

Sam Kamani

Co-founder and CEO

Will Schmidt

Co-founder and Investor

Ricky Boyce

Lead Engineer

Paul French

Software Architect

Daniel Gibson

JavaScript Engineer

Serena Simpkin

UX/UI Designer

Marcelle Fritsch

UX/UI Designer

Kent Astudillo

Software Engineer

Johmel Rey

Software Engineer

Ben Robinson

Software Engineer

Wilbert Quiape

Software Engineer

Tom Markey

Digital Strategiest

Robin Lu

Project Manager

Anna Schmidt

Product Manager

A little nation who can

New Zealand?

Why should you consider a New Zealand company to build your web application or mobile app?

Although we’re a small country we’re known to pack a punch and compete well above our weight class.

We have a vibrant tech startup community and a number of unicorn startups (valued over $1B) were started here including Xero, Allbirds, Pushpay and Rocket Lab.

  • Fully Westernized culture (educated, English-speaking)
  • Highest rated country globally in ease of doing businesses
  • Home to hundreds of fast growing startups and multiple unicorns*
  • Excellent cost-effective market to test your product
  • Outstanding technical ability and service

Some of the successful startups founded right here in New Zealand

$9.5B Market Cap

$914M Market Cap

$1.4B Market Cap

$140M Valuation

Valued at over $2B

3…2…1… Liftoff!

Our Mission

ProductDone’s mission is to give everyone the tools and resources to quickly get their product idea out into the wild – starting with an MVP.

What have you shipped this month?
Nobody benefits from software or websites that are “still in development”. Our goal is to always be shipping new and tangible things.

With a culture of ‘always shipping’ we all need to be practicing what we preach. Each member of ProductDone has a commitment to always be shipping new things.

This includes shipping client projects (of course!), but it also involves coming up with ideas and designing and building internal tools, blog articles, ebooks or even micro startups.

Some things we ship won’t stick or make as big a mark as we hoped but that doesn’t matter – the important thing we want to focus on is that we ship.